Business, Digital Marketing Published on: 5th January 2017

How Important is Labor in Digital Marketing?

What if I asked you to work 12 hours a day for the next 60 days (720 hours) with no vacation for $3,000?

If you live in the USA it would not be a good deal—it comes out to just over $4/hour.

But in some other countries, $3,000 buys the equivalent of what $18,000 buys in the USA. So now maybe we are getting somewhere. In some countries, with the exchange rate, the equivalent is over $25,000 of goods or services for just $3,000. So for these individuals we are talking real value here.

The reason I bring the 720 hours of labor figure up is because that is approximately what it takes to do a complete “package” so that you exist on the Internet. Once you are “set up” usually in 5-7 months the labor required goes down to 50 hours of labor or less a month!

Once I was in a class and the person teaching the class told me: “Everyone person you know wants to get through their entire life without using your product or service”. Wow that was kind of heartbreaking to hear, but I firmly believe it is true.

With that in mind let’s go through a list of what would happen for you to have a presence on the Internet—so that clients cannot forget about you and then never buy your product or service. Remember, each component has a money cost and a labor cost. So if you pay for a domain name that is a hard cost, but if you pay for a company to link your domain name to a particular Website or construct that Website, then that would be labor.

  1. Set up a Website—WITH YOUR STORY ON IT!
  2. Set up a Facebook Agency Page.
  3. Begin moving your Google Organic or Natural Search to the Front Page.
  4. Set up a scheduling system so that clients will come up automatically on your calendar.
  5. Display your References.
  6. Create A Blog.
  7. Set up a Video Sales Letter (VSL) Funnel to send our using Facebook Ads.

This is just a partial list, but the point would be, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could do this and run a business at the same time.

NOW LET ME TELL YOU A STORY A long time ago I owned a financial planning firm. When I was not meeting with regulators, sometimes I got to meet a client. When I provided the client with a complete financial plan, including a Monte Carlo prediction analysis, I found it took about 12 hours. Also I was not an expert on Monte Carlo probabilities and outcomes, I had only one college course in it. I soon was introduced to a firm in Indonesia, who I could send it to at 5PM my time and then they would send it to me BEFORE 5AM my time the next day. I paid them an astounding $25 for each report.

I always thought they had just one person doing the analysis. I found out they had 3 people in their office who each did a part and ALL three of them had a Master’s Degree or PhD in this area! This still astounds me, to this day, the quality of the work and what I paid. You could say I had the right back office!

Today I want to suggest to you, you can get ALL that you need to promote your business on the Internet by just finding the one back office that you need. You are literally one back office away from moving your labor rate from $35/hour to $5/hour and UPGRADING the expertise to a person who has a superior education level. That my friends is no small thing. Check us out at PS: we have the back office you need already set up.

Author: Alan Davis