Business, Lead Generation Published on: 30th January 2017

Got a business, need new customers?

Today we will cover the range of services available to you and how effective you can expect them to be:
Let’s break business into two main groups: Less than $3,000/client value and more than $3,000/client.

Today with Facebook AND Google you can target your perfect client. If you are a dentist and you know your client is (anyone/any age) just living in a certain zip code then you can tell Facebook and Google to target that zip code. But if you sell beauty products and want to target women age 20-35 that live in rural areas you can do that as well.

BUT WHAT ARE WE DOING when we approach these people?

We are converting your STORY to MONEY!

What you offer is worth money and the better, the more emotional, and the more compelling your story, the more people will engage with you. Before you begin, in 300 words or less, write your story, please include WHY you are doing what you are doing. Next write a short 15 second version of that which we can call your elevator speech.

Your elevator speech might go like this: We help business owners turn their story into money by advancing the Google organic or natural search. In other words you fill in the blank: We help____do _______. You can put why on the end as well. We help ____do ____because_____.

Now that you have your story and your elevator pitch lets discuss options.

If your client is worth more than $3,000 you need to move into any of the first three positions for your main Google search words. In our business the words were organic search promotion or organic search advancement: We first began by getting the link for those. Next we advanced to the front of the Google search for those words by paying a SEO company to do that. This is very important because if you do not create the right criteria for an organic search, you will ALWAYS have to pay for Google Ad words or pay for what is called the “paid search”. There is nothing wrong with that really, but the paid search never ends – every month you pay Google if you want a client and Google will be happy to take your money.

The natural search or the organic search, which comes up just below the first 3 paid searches, is a “trusted” source of information as it is usually at least three times more valuable than the paid searches. By being in the 1-3 positions on the front page it is typical to get more and better clients. If you are a dentist, plastic surgeon, plumber, electrician, financial planner, car repair company, personal injury attorney or anyone else that works with customers worth more than $3,000 this is where you can start.

If your client is worth less than $3,000 you could do any of the following:

  1. Create a Facebook Agency Page and promote your product or service to your existing friends and business owners.
  2. Send out a newsletter and send out a blog or email blast.
  3. One of my favorite things to do is send out a letter with a $1 in them. You can also send out bulky mail with a gift in the email. I friend of mine sends a small magnifying glass and said, “I was using this to try to find you on the Google search” but even that did not work.

Author: Alan Davis