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Alan Davis


Organic Search Promotion

is a company who helps exchange YOUR STORY for money.

This allows a business to grow by 5 to 30 high value clients each month. This creates a very exciting environment where the business owner can multiply their income by 10 times, or leave the business and check in once or twice each month!

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Happy Clients

See what the clients have to say about their experience of working with us.

“I use to go from chamber of commerce meeting to business meeting and never knew that it was possible to tell my story on the internet and get an entirely new, highly qualified client, ready to buy from other states. Now I have more than six times my past income and put in less than 50% of the hours I use to work.”

— Kim Smith

“When I first met Alan, I had never considered that I should devote more time to A clients. I had been spending more than 80% of my time dealing with B, C and D clients and only generating about 25% of all my gross revenue. His system totally transformed my thinking. In 6 months I was able to add 5-7 A+ and A clients every month. What a difference this has made in my life. I now have enough additional revenue to hire an operations manager for my business and it can be run remotely! I don’t even have to come to work any longer.”

— Bill Upson

“ I handled out marketing by putting more money towards the problem. We consistently got $1-$2 back for every dollar we put in. This was with a full time marketing person we hired right out of college. I thought these were good results. But after hiring Alan Davis, we consistently got $3 to $6 back for each marketing dollar we put in. The results were phenomenal and now we don’t pay a dime for marketing staff. Every dollar we put in our marketing goes right to the bottom line.”

— Mellani Day

“I own a huge plumbing company near Denver Colorado. I was able, after six months, to add an average of 24 new clients, every month, by using Alan Davis Consulting! With the extra income I was able to hire 21 full time plumbers, pay our building off and then expand into the electrical and welding business. I have referred Alan Davis Consulting to my three best friends company and he has helped them with windows, siding, sunrooms, tinting and structural marketing.”

— Marvin Kansteiner